You Don’t Deserve To Be Bullied At Work?

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It doesn’t matter who you are, you do not deserve to be bullied, intimidated or verbally abused  at work.

To give you some perspective on what this phenomenon of workplace bullying is, let’s look at when it occurs and what it often looks like to the victims.

When Does Workplace Bullying Happen?

Bullying is always about power and control. Bullying situations often happen when the balance of power shifts.

Some common scenarios include:

1. A new person is brought in to manage the team.
2. A new person is added to the team.
3. Two teams are merged together.

Experts agree, there are at least three common reasons for being bullied:

1. The bully’s target refuses to bend to their wishes.
2. The bully’s target is better than them in some way (smarter, better with people, more attractive, etc.)
3. The bully’s target is a whistle blower and has high moral standards.

How Do you Know If you are Being Bullied?

Here’s a list of things that might indicate bullying is present.

Check out the list of symptoms you might be experiencing below. We suggest that if three or more of these points apply to you, then chances are that you are being bullied.

1. You have severe anxiety about going to work.
2. You are physically ill when you have to go to work.
3. You feel so ashamed and/or guilty that you haven’t told anyone.
4. Your co-workers, family, and friends ask if something is wrong at work.
5. You use sick days as sanity days to get a break from the bullying.
6. You notice that you are treated much differently by co-workers.
7. You don’t enjoy activities outside of work and time spent with loved ones.
8. Work that was acceptable before is never good enough now.
9. The bully doesn’t trust you to complete work so they micro-manage you.
10. You suspect that others have been through your personal space at work.
11. The bully’s actions are undermining both you and the company.
12. You have frequent emotional outbursts, such as crying or yelling.
13. You believe that you’re responsible for what is happening to you.
14. Other people at work are being warned that you are a problem.
15. Other people see what is happening, agree with you, but won’t act on it.
16. You receive unpleasant surprises at work, short-notice meetings, etc…
17. Others verbally harass you with insults, yelling, and put-downs.
18. Others accuse you of harassment, incompetence, and criminal offenses.
19. Personal information is brought into the workplace and used against you.
20. Your review shows incompetence, despite excellent reviews prior to this.
21. You are not allowed to transfer or apply for other positions.
22. You receive unpleasant surprises at work, such as short-notice meetings or deadlines moved and other people on your team do not experience this to the same degree.

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