Stop the Bullying: A bully-free workplace

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By Amanda Evans


The office can be a place with a lot of different dynamics — boss to employee, co-worker to co-worker — and the relationships change as new faces are hired and fired.

Unfortunately, many of the survival tools we learned on the playground carry over into the workplace, and that can mean that kid bully is now your boss.

News 13 first brought you this story, and thousands of you responded about your own experiences.

Now, we’re exploring the issue, and when you’ll know if you need to take legal action to Stop the Bullying.

More than 500 people work at the Morgan & Morgan law firm, in Orlando, and with that many employees, there is an emphasis on creating a bully-free work zone.

Attorney Matt Morgan said the law firm represents people all too often who have had to get legal help when the bullying at work won’t stop.

“I mean hundreds, hundreds on a daily basis. It happens more frequently then we’d like to let you know,” said Morgan.

But how do you know if it’s happening to you? Retaliation can be one sign.

If you alert someone of a problem and then notice you’re getting backlash.  Loaded with extra work or picked on for doing what’s right.  Harassment is another issue. If you’re made fun of for your age, race, sex — that’s bullying, and it’s illegal.

“Maybe employers get comfortable, maybe employees get comfortable in their workspace and then they just feel that they can act however they want to,” Morgan said.

Morgan said the first thing you should do is go to your Human Resources department and keep a paper trail. Emails, witnesses — it could all be used in court.

This article was written by Amanda Evans  and originally published on cfnews13

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